Batman, the minds behind 'the adventure continues' dive back into the world of the fan favorite cartoon with a story they were never. I wrote about rewatching both man of steel and batman v superman funny enough zack snyder was also taking a nostalgic trip, but despite the lack of big name projects to his name nolan had already begun making a name for himself as a filmmaker to. During a live commentary the filmmaker reveals 'wonder woman' didn't always take place during world war i looks back at the, upon release batman v superman was controversial to say the least yet thanks to director zack snyder's legions of fans -.

Dawn of justice ultimate edition it becomes clear that the film would benefitted from following man of steel 2, snyder marked the fourth anniversary of the release of batman v superman: dawn of justice by releasing a new director's. Director zack snyder explains the narrative and thematic reasons for killing superman in batman v superman: dawn of justice, last week marked the four year anniversary of batman v superman: dawn of justice's release as the second movie in the dc. Recently zack snyder sat down to watch the extended cut of batman v superman: dawn of justice and invited online audiences, one of gotham's most notorious organized crime figures is carmine falcone who will be played in matt reeves' the batman by.

That includes engaging with fan in question and answer reveals about his larger multi film justice league storyline

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