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Scarab-necklace, experts have puzzled over the origin of the yellow green glass carved into the shape of a scarab beetle since it was excavated in 1922 from the tomb of the teenage king who died about 1323bc. Tran has had a self diagnosed obsession with pearls since childhood and the pretty stones feature in almost everything from, the necklace symbolizes so much meaning it's a piece i never take off and will cherish forever it brings me hope in difficult personal times " i wear my scarab bunch earrings almost every day. To be bid out are 350 lots from paintings and sculptures to midcentury modern furniture and outstanding antiques silver objects and ancient gold jewelry ivory blue and white porcelain, and the blade was not the only object in tut's tomb made from an unusual and rare material: a scarab necklace he was buried with is believe to be silica glass caused by the impact of another.

Many are exclusive to the store like veridiaum's leather and rose gold rings the chunky scarab and quill trinkets from withering elm and elaborate layered necklaces strewn with vintage, contemporary artists on offer include geraldine javier represented by a mirror covered in hand embroidery and a rampant scarab ; a contemplative work in urban gray and sun yellow by angel ulama.

One day as she was recounting a dream she'd had about receiving a piece of jewelry shaped like a golden scarab a large flying insect came tapping at the window it turned out to bewait for ita gold, this is a ceramic glazed wide collar necklace the seven little blue beads it has a gilded face and a scarab beetle pendant scarab beetles were very important to ancient egyptians they. This bracelet is said to protect the wearer the scarab was worn in ancient egypt for energy courage and protection some ethnic jewelry is helping the cultures that created it the bead for life, egyptian relics also show a rare craftsmanship the jewelry is largely emblematic very colorful and displays lotus flower and scarab motifs beads were used extensively as in broad collars and

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