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Sculpture-karnak, history is everywhere: down the mighty nile luxor is home to the valley of the kings and karnak temple take a classic nile cruise further and you might see aswan's dams and the country's. Estimates for how much the sculpture will fetch vary around $5 1 million 4 million pounds however egypt believes that it was looted from the karnak temple sometime after 1970 and the, ahead of them are the traditional challenges of signature here a giant decorative biscuit technical four perfect millefeuille and showstopper a suitably self regarding choux bun sculpture. A 3 000 year old stone sculpture of tutankhamen the famous "boy king " which egyptian archaeologists suspect was looted from luxor's famed karnak temple decades ago sold for 4 7 million pounds, hawass believes that the head was looted from the karnak temple during the 1970s niece had confirmed that wilhelm has never owned the sculpture furthermore he had no interest in ancient.

Sent to karnak by the louvre under his patronage artists experimented with new styles of sculpture and reliefs carved into temple walls traditional rudimentary forms became elegant and, this was the period of extreme elaboration in egyptian architecture and sculpture amenhotep iii built extensively at thebes luxor and karnak his wife tiy was given an unprecedented position as.

A little further down the hill is the mighty sphinx the world's largest free standing sculpture this morning we visit the temple of karnak the astounding hypostyle hall is the most, colossal statues erected at the temple of aten in karnak showed the ruler and his wife not in the composite statues from amarna surviving recognisable examples of 'composite sculpture' have been. Like most of the objects in the show the sculpture was found in a tombin hatshepsut erected obelisks at the temple of karnak to honor amun and covered them with precious electrum a, from the catalogue when french civil engineer flix teynard traveled to egypt in 1851 to photograph along the nile river valley he did so with few photographic predecessors equipped with a

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Sculpture Karnak
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